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July 23, 2010

It is my firm conviction that each and every wedding is a one off, extra-special event, an occasion never to occur again. It is an experience which is different for each wedding couple, it is their individual bond. Two persons have found each other and this ceremony is a commitment to their union for the rest of their lives.  It is but natural that there be an element of anxiety, nervousness with excitement. But overriding it all is a great sense of joy.  I always experience such an occasion as a source of creative will to capture this extraordinary emotive atmosphere as a record of this day dedicated to love.  A day worthy of remaining unforgettable forever.

I can offer an extensive portfolio covering a broad and varied selection of wedding packages.  My camera is a Canon EOS 1DS Mark III with an resolution of 21  Mio .Pixel.

Each photograph has to be a work of creation and I give it my undivided attention that I really capture those tell-tale details and the atmosphere whatever the location be it the civil registrar’s office, the church, the reception, during the preparatory stages or in my studio.  Wherever and whatever the venue might be I’ll be there.

I am continuously conscious of the fact that it is your wedding.  The love I have for my profession endorses my full professional input to convert your wishes, ideas and expectations into a worthy record of the most important day in your lives.